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Christmas Christmas

2012.12.25 (Tue)


Got a present

It's Christmas but it seems the day is gone.
Then it seems normal day comes back on Tuesday.

The weather is clear and good today but I am not.

I wake up and get ready to work everyday.
I feel happy most of days without feeling anything.
I stay positive no matter what comes to me.
Coz I know it will bring me a good result in someday somehow.
But sometime it does not work well and sometime it goes the other way.
Whereat I need to be trying hard not to think anything bad.
Whereat I need to be trying to make my eyes look up.
Do you know why I "NEED TO BE TRYING"?
Coz I am not satisfied with my life for some part, which makes a "hole" in my heart.

I know it leads bad road but sometime I can not stay and go negative.

Everyone says "It's gonna be OK. I can see your bright future".

It cheers me up all the time and I really thank to everyone around me.
But now I really need the only one special after long years of that time....

It' not easy for me to find and takes long long time.

I want Santa Clause to do me a favor.
Please make just one wish come true.

I wanna see you soon, my niece!!



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